Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ed Notes Humor

Education Notes really got its start when I became chapter leader (very reluctantly) at my school in 1994 and started putting out a chapter newsletter. In my third year I put out 45 editions. The people in my school had to be as well informed as any group of teachers and paras in the city - if they read it, that is. To keep them reading, I began to include jokes, with special holiday editions of just jokes.

This was the early days of internet mania and jokes were flying around all over the place. But almost none of my readers were online yet, so they seemed novel. I knew that people would not just throw away another piece of paper and might even read some of the serious stuff.

When I started putting out monthly bulletins at the UFT delegate assembly (originally called DA Notes), in 1996, I included the jokes. As Education Notes evolved, you could look out at a delegate assembly and see a sea of Ed Notes being read and people chuckling. Even union officials on the stage would be reading it.

Even today, when I give out materials, people come over to take it and comment to their friends, "Get one of these, it's funny." Well, Ed Notes, both the hard copy and the blog, hasn't been all that funny for years. I started a humor blog but stopped posting to it a year ago. With what's going on, maybe it's time to inject some humor. I can go back to the oldies but goodies, but if you have some good ones send them along for the Ed Notes humor blog.

I just got this one from a buddy in Australia:

Home Depot Scam...

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You're still a joke Norm!