Friday, March 20, 2009

Will ATRs Be Equated to AIG Exec Bonus Babies?

Chaz School Daze reports principals are still not hiring ATRs for the classroom despite the UFT/DOE agreement. "Today's New York Daily News reported that only 16 ATRs have been hired to fill a classroom vacancy since the November 2008 agreement while 295 "newbie" teachers have filled the rest."

Coming soon from the BloomKlein/corporate/New Teacher Project/charter school conglomerate:
Calls for termination of ATRs because they have proven to be "unemployable." Just watch the witch hunt with the economic crisis as a backdrop. Soon they will have the public out with pitchforks like they are currently after AIG exec bonus babies. By the time they get through, AIG will smell like a rose compared to ATRs.

The UFT will claim of course it could have been worse. They successfully lobbied to get the tips of the pitchfork spines blunted.


Rachel Grynberg said...

I'd like to know who the 16 were who did get hired. At every interview in which I have been, the moment my ATR status is revealed, eyes glaze over.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it if you go to the UFT and have a video of yourself done you will not get a job. Once a principal looks at your video you will not be hired. He will see how old you are he might not like your voice he will determine that you are smarter than him. So it's all a big scam since when you don't have a job the UFT will tell you that you didn't take advantage of the oppurtunities that they gave you and now you will be fired.