Thursday, March 26, 2009


If we really want to improve teacher quality to the extent that one day - maybe in the 23rd century - we would be able to take a few billion off the corporate bailout packages to produce enough quality teachers to reduce class size, Buddhist chanting seems as good a way to accomplish this as any discovered so far. All we need is a value-added measurement as to the effectiveness of the chants.

NY Post


  1. Norm,

    I am not a Buddhist, but I have practiced Buddhist meditation for many years. Buddhism is a very peaceful religion. To my knowledge, there is no such thing as a Buddhist "hate" chant. I don't like being in the position of defending a DOE Principal after what mine is putting me through, but they should attack the Principal for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. There's too much religious bigotry as it is.

    One thing is for sure. No matter what the nature of the prayer or chant, it should not be happening in a publicly funded school.

  2. Moriah,
    I'm sure this was a mischaracterization by the Post or the parents. But whatever he has them chant, it probably involved an attack on the teachers. They must put something in the water in the Leadership Academy. Even the press make sure to mention it as there have been so many bizarre people coming out of there.


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