Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Washington Teacher comments

on Rotherham on Weingarten: Two Peas in a Pod

This Washington Teacher comment is worth a blog of its own:

Actually AFT co-authored the WTU counter proposal (no secret btw).Of course AFT took the lead in my opinion. The problem is that DC teachers and WTU executive board members and AFT staff participated on various WTU/AFT committees to offer recommendations for what needed to be addressed in our counter proposal.

Our WTU executive board did ask for assistance from AFT especially after contract talks stalled with Chancellor Rhee and WTU Chief Negotiator/Union President George Parker. AFT became more actively involved near to the end of last year.

At the unveiling of the WTU/AFT counter proposal- we were given copies of a very large document that we could not read in its entirety before our meeting ended. Due to confidentiality we were asked to return all copies of the proposal. My concern is that even members of our WTU negotiating team stated that they did not get to preview the proposal in its entirety despite working on certain sections when they met with AFT on a number of occassions. That for me was problematic but unfortunately negotiating team members did not share this with members of our executive board.

One thing I noticed in our contract proposal was mutual consent. Of course not being able to read the proposal in its entirety - I am not certain how this will impact DC teachers.

I am worried particularly as I have educated myself by reading many NY educators blogs. Your blogs have been informative. My worst fear is that this mutual consent could propel us into a similar situation like ATR in New York.

I am impressed by all of the many NY education bloggers. You all are the best !

My response:
Not allowing people to read the contract is an old tactic used by Weingarten and Unity caucus here in NYC to hide the fine print. They don't change their stripes. I can tell you before you even take another look: GET PEOPLE TO VOTE NO! Keep us posted.

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