Thursday, March 12, 2009

ISC Vs. Childen First

Before reading my comments below, check this Elizabeth Green report on YARAT (Yet Another Reorganization At Tweed) A DOE plan to personalize bureaucracy is making unions nervous

Ed Notes Comment:
Insiders report that Klein has unleashed a war between ISC and Children First network, with officials of each back biting and holding back on cooperation. Just what the schools need under the massive insanity emanating from Tweed. The Children First Network started out like a bolt of lightning with some great schools, but as in any business oriented mentality, the ramp up has led to a deterioration. But since that is of little relevance in the world of Tweed, bet on ISC to lose this one. The problem for the CFN is that they will find their little group of 13 - a very unlucky number in this case- will not be able to deliver. We all know there was waste when there was an ISC in each of 40 districts and the transition to 10 regions were rough, but was actually beginning to work. But of course they changed course - creative destruction, or something like that - and they moved to borough organizations. Now that's not working - guess why? THE PEOPLE AT TWEED ARE ALL BOOBIES. Now back to districts in essence with 13 support people for 20 schools. Hell, my old district (14) didn't have much more than 13 people for 27 schools. So, it's back to the beginning with what will turn out to be more waste.

Just another big OOOPS!

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