Thursday, March 19, 2009

You Can't Work in a charter school if you're older or have a family....

....a group of Harlem Success Teachers after the March 18 rally for charter schools, mayoral control, and the demolishment of the public school system.

Poor gals, they clearly were at the event of their free will- and I mean free. But when I asked these mostly first and 2nd year Teach for America teachers how things were going, they said, "Fine, but you can't work in a charter school if you are not young or have a family." I asked what would happen with the bad economy shutting off the exit strategy so many TFA's have employed? They shrugged, wearily.

There were many suits there and many people from LearnNY or whatever it's called. Buttons, baloons, free bags and everyone urged to send a post card to the governor and fill out a "we support mayoral control" petition. And lots of hip hop and preaching from the stage. How many people really came for the free stuff?

These pictures were taken by Angel Gonzalez of ICE and are posted at Facebook.

Angel and I spent a surreal afternoon/evening going from the Brownsville "Save Our Public Schools from the Evil Charter Schools" to a massive and enormously expensive rally at the 141st Armory in Harlem, with Bloomberg as the keynote spender - er - speaker. Uncle Joel was there of course too. We were looking to meet up with some pro public school Harlem teacher and parent gate crashers whose schools are being squeezed by the charters but if anyone had protested it would have been Gitmo/AbuGrav and Devil's Island for them.

The event sort of reminded me of rallies held in a certain European country in the 1930's.

Why wouldn't you be smiling at $370, 000 a year. Join the AIG execs and give back that bonus Eva!

And make sure to use kids for political reasons.

Better get the message out on both sides and in 2 languages. What happened to Creole version? Are you listening Martine Guerrier?

Jeez, he is short.

Joel, I have a list of 1o more schools I demand you give me!

Oh, those shark's choppers!


Anonymous said...

Likening a certain branch of school reformers to Nazis? Really? I think we can all be a little more constructive than that.

ed notes online said...

You must mean ed deformers who use reminiscent PR tactics to manipulate the public.