Sunday, April 5, 2009

All that’s missing is a few hookers

Aaron Pallas fact checks the Klein/Sharpton Education Equality Project over at Gotham Schools.

Leonie Haimson talks about that was the week that was in NYC with the Klein/Sharpton/Bloomberg/Duncan/Biden/Fenty caravan in town at the EEP convention, renamed, "We're Not Really Crooks, at least as long as you can't prove it."

Read this in full to get a sense of the depth of corruption in education under BloomKlein control.
Posted at Norms Notes: Leonie Haimson on: That was the week that was!

A few choice tidbits from Controller Thompson on no-bid contracts:
CTB McGraw budgeted for $1 m; spent $4.2M.
Continental Press – textbooks etc; budgeted $15 K, spent $6.5 M! an increase of 43,000%!!!!
Creative Media Agency to place ads (for what?) was contracted for $589K and yet spent $6.9 Million!!!
According to the Comptroller’s office, in FY 07 and O8, there were 372 contracts – which exceeded the contract amount by 25% or more – w/ DOE spending over $1 billion on these contracts. 127 of these contracts had little or no competition – amounting to $525 million in all.

This year (FY 09) the rate of overspending on contracts is already at 27% -- with three months yet to go.
Follow the No-Bid doins from Columbia School of Journalism Students:
No Bid Tip Sheet Public Eyes on Public Schools

Chaz has a few comments:
Tweed Just Continues To Spend More Money On Non-Educational Items While The Schools Suffer

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