Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tisch, Tisch, Meryl

We get letters from people running schools too.

Some of my sources tell me that almost every principal they meet despises Tweed and Joel Klein. And I get mail from more principals and higher placed people, even some at Tweed, than you would imagine.

This one is about the outrageous
puff piece in the NY Times on Meryl Tisch, who now heads the NY State Board of Regents which must rule on waivers for "do no nuttin bout education" chancellors. Look for a follow-up piece where I'll parse the article. I've been too busy doubled up with laughter to comment now.

From a NYC school supervisor:


I am fascinated by the detail of your research and reporting! I feel fortunate to have you "in the trenches" reporting on everything- as I find many of your opinions right on target. I am only sorry that I am not retired so I could enjoy my freedom of speech – and perhaps write more and share opinions.

I was deeply troubled by the NY Times' very flattering piece on Meryl Tisch.

Though she seems like a nice lady and I have only seen her speak once, she is in the Mayor's pocket- she once was quoted as saying "I absolutely will support Mayoral Control as long as MICHAEL is going to be in charge". Then article talks of how she has shared several Seder suppers with Joel Klein and how she and her husband go on dinner dates with JOEL and his wife".

That would be like me as an accountant sharing Christmas dinner with my auditor every year.

The entire article is full of her connections to the wealth of a very limited number of people mostly very folks from the upper east side.. Seymour Fliegel is mentioned praising her-didn't he get a contract from JOEL to run the CIE PSO??? There is too much here that does not pass the smell test.

They talk about old school board corruption (which obviously existed) but was "small potatoes" compared to this-

This is the outright hijacking of parents' rights and voice to have a filthy rich upper east side "long time friend of the mayor's" who regularly socializes with the UNLICENSED UNCERTIFIED fellow running our schools- she will be called on to testify about Mayoral Control and should perhaps be asked to step aside as her opinions are certainly BIASED!!!

Keep up the good work!

NYC Educator recently wrote about Tisch: Who's in Charge Here, Anyway?

I wrote about the ridiculous NY Post editorial her "brilliant" daughter Jessica sent supporting Bloomberg's 3rd term: "Average Citizen" Jessica Tisch Calls For Bloomberg 3rd Term.


  1. The Meryl Tisch appointment and article was sickening. It also mentions that she once taught first grade in a NYC private school. Where does the union come off praising this person?

  2. Ms. Tisch taught for how long? Now, she is a self-proclaimed expert in education.
    We don't need longer days and longer years. Ms. Tisch, we need smaller class sizes and the return to the 600 school concept for disruptive children.
    We learned from the conventional 9-3 hours and so can the children we serve now. However, all children can't learn under the conditions we have allowed to continue. We have far too many disciplinary problems in our schools. How about placing children in their proper class?
    Disruptive children should not be in school for longer days. We need work-study programs for them so that they can begin to see the value of an education.

  3. Please note that we need retired teachers and supervisors running our schools. These veterans of the wars know what has to be done to achieve victory:
    A. Smaller Class Sizes
    B. Return to the 600 school concept for disruptive children.
    C. Children placed in appropriate class for their needs.
    D. More special education referrals.
    E. Work-study programs for disruptive pupils so that they they learn the value of an education. Education is NOT something that is coming to you. It has to be earned.
    F. Police are in charge when disciplinary matters arise. Assistant principals and principals will defer to police when arrests have to be made. Those administrators who interfere with police action in schools should immediately be terminated by order of the chancellor.
    G. Since reading scores have significantly improved, there is no longer a need for a longer day or year.


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