Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good for UFT Cue Cards

I have not followed the details but from what I've heard the questions were very pertinent ones to be asked of the doe officials who have been given so much of a pass on all the games they are playing. We know that no matter how they damage children and take away parent rights, the press' main focus will be on the doings of the UFT even if they are right for a change. That BloomKlein have gotten away with murder all these years with the city council sitting helpless due to fear of Bloomberg, etc or total ineffectiveness, to have them show some spine for a change is a good thing.

The UFT needs endless critiicsm, but certainly not the few policies of BloomKlein they oppose - for PR purposes only I might add - they are reformers - or deformers.

From Ed Notes on Randi as reformer:

America in Labor and Parsing Randi From Gotham Schools
And of course BloomKlein care only about kids, not politics.

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  1. Mulgrew was in charge, bet, some lower species will get the blame as the Pres cannot publicly lambast her hand picked successor.


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