Friday, April 3, 2009

Klein Letter to PS 150 Brownsville Parents

Follow-up to our previous postof Klein's letter to PS 241's Harlem parents, which should be read in full with the Ed Notes' decoder annotations.

If you are following the saga at PS 241 in Harlem we posted earlier in the day, here is the similar letter Klein sent to PS 150 undermining that school. That these acts of sabotage of schools he supposedly is in charge of, are despicable, there is no doubt. There is no clearer example than these letters of the true agenda of BloomKlein – to pick of as many public schools as possible an turn them over to private, well-connected interests. For those who look to politicians for help, consider that people like state Senate leader Malcolm Smith started two charter schools. If you look to the UFT for help, they too started two charter schools and made deals with others (Green Dot), while proclaiming this weekend at the NYSUT convention in Buffalo how much they support charters. There is only one defense teachers and parents who will be left holding the bag of a wasted public school system have: organize.

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