Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some NYC School Officials Are NOT Happy Campers

This was sent out to a list of principals and assistant principals.

Please take a minute to go to the link listed below for the CAMPAIGN FOR BETTER SCHOOLS to send an email to our elected officials to bring back Parent Oversight of the Mayor... we need real parent involvement and oversight so that the Chancellor and Mayor can not continue to operate without regard to the Community's opinions. We have a say in what is going to be done and our parents have the right to be heard-

PLEASE share this with every member of your community and have your parents, your AP's your teachers and their families sign this petition TODAY!! The vote or School Governance will be coming up very soon. If you read the NY POST, Times and Daily News they are on a major campaign of bashing schools, principals and teachers (other than those in Charter Schools and graduates of the Leadership Academy) to hand Bloomberg continued unfettered control of the
entire school system- DESPITE his having overridden the expressed will of the people by overturning TERM LIMITS-

I don't know about you all- but I think the parents of the District have a lot more interest in their children's future than Joel and Mike.. Lets put them in charge of their children's education AS THEY ARE IN EVERY DISTRICT IN THE STATE!!! Why are there no charter schools in the suburbs? Because the parents would not stand for this nonsense. EVEN FORMER ASSEMBLYMAN STEVE SANDERS WHO WROTE THE MAYORAL CONTROL LAW HAS SAID BLOOMBERG HAS GONE TOO FAR!!!! THE STATE NEVER INTENDED FOR CEC's to be paper tigers with no real voice or authority.

Let's get our parents back into the game with all of the legal rights and statutory authority their District Councils are supposed to hold.

If you think Bloomberg/Klein have run things as they pleased up until now- wait til you see what they will do with a third term!!! Look at his internal cabinet:

Jim Liebman (Designer of the Accountability Initiative and Report Card that makes 60% of your grade based on growth, Eric Nadelstern who ran Empowerment -WHICH NONE OF US JOINED- and who has now been placed in charge of all SSO's despite our refusal to join his Network, and other non educators... Yes Marcia
will be there but no longer in charge of our SSO's-terrible and unacceptable.

Enough is enough- Participate in DEMOCRACY- he may get a third term (and maybe he deserves it)- but our schools should not be enslaved to data mills and number crunchers for another 4 years-

Just when I was ready to have a party for having survived the past 7 years- he went and changed the rules to make it another 4!!!! Ay ay ay and oy vey!!

NOW is the time to speak up!!!! Please get involved in this in a major way for our parents, children and community!!!

From inside schools
The NYC Parent Commission is sponsoring a petition drive calling for a public education governance partnership that includes parents, mayoral representatives, and politicians. See their petition about New York City governance <>
for more information.

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