Thursday, April 2, 2009


The NO TO MAYORAL CONTROL COALITION -- of which the Parent Commission on School Governance and Mayoral Control, iCOPE, Black Leaders for Educational Excellence, New York Coalition for Neighborhood Schools Control, ICE, among others are members -- will be gathering Friday to voice our opposition to the insidious bedfellows of public education and private money on display at the National Action Network/Education Equality Project's conference at The Sheraton Hotel at 811 7th Avenue @ W. 53rd Street.

@ 9:30 am -- Coalition members & supporters will be at the main lobby entrance of The Sheraton to distribute literature

@ 10:00 am -- Coalition members & supporters will attend conference panel "How to Ensure Your Child gets a Great Education" moderated by Joe Williams of Democrats for Education Reform (& former Daily News reporter unflatteringly featured in yesterday's Daily News article by Juan Gonzales.)

@ 11:30 am -- Coalition members & supporters will attend conference luncheon panel "A Conversation on Education" featuring (among others) Rev. Al Sharpton, Joel Klein, the mayors of LA, Sacramento, DC and former Bush administration US Secretary of Education Margaret Spelling.

Just in case you need some additional motivation to come out tomorrow, check out the following:

Wayne Barrett's blog in the Village Voice on Pols, Press Party with Sharpton and His Corrupt Network

The Wonkster (Gail Robinson)'s blog in the Gotham Gazette on Public Schools, Private Money

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