Thursday, December 17, 2009

Beach Channel Meeting Video #2

Wave editor and former teacher Howard Schwach and Ed Notes' editor and Wave education columnist Norm Scott raise questions about what happens to teachers and students when the school is closed and why the responsibility only falls on the shoulders of the school.

I won't comment much as the video speaks for itself. Note who the UFT contract states - a contract agreed to and forced down our throats by the UFT leadership – that 50% of the teachers have the RIGHT TO APPLY and IF QUALIFIED will be considered. Shameful. Who are the mismanagers? the DOE or the UFT? Howie, who taught for over 30 years and is a great ally for teachers to have in running an influential newspaper, raises points about where kids and teachers will go asks, "If they are not qualified how could they be teaching?"

By the way, the Lloyd-Bey who responds to me played a major role in the closing of Far Rockaway HS, so her claim she had no part in what kids ended up at Beach Channel is false. In addition, she talks about responsibility to the kids who don't graduate, but what about responsibility to the 50% who do graduate?

(I have an hour of tape but you tube only allows 10 minute segments.)

Note: Video quality has been reduced to shorten loading time.

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