Tuesday, December 29, 2009

NYC Murder Rate Down? Where Did Bloomberg Bury the Bodies?

Today's good news was that this year NYC will have the lowest number of murders since record keeping began. Bloomberg is crowing. But those of us in education who know how Bloomberg jukes the stats, cannot help but be skeptical.

But how can he juke the number of murders, you might ask? When you're dead, you're dead.

If you are a fan of The Wire, you will remember how Marlo Stanfield's hit crew somehow managed to do over 20 people and leave no bodies by sealing them up in abandoned housing? Don't bet against Bloomberg's having a couple of hundred missing persons being "housed" on empty city property.

Marlo Stanfield and his crew Chris and Snoop hired as consultants by Bloomberg to "keep" murder rate down.


Anonymous said...

Why do they have to be black?

Bill C said...

Murder is down dramatically all over the state and perhaps the country. Type in “murder rate down” into Google and you see the plethora of cities with their murder rate down. Chicago is down 11%. I wonder how Bloomberg with garner credit for that. Same here in the City of Rochester. All the mayors are crowing. Fact is no one really knows why this has happened, but one thing is certain. It’s not due to politicians. Perhaps we should all read Jose’ Saramago’s book Seeing to get insight into how these phenomena occur.


ed notes online said...

Anon 2:59
Good point. I was using the characters from The Wire who had hidden the bodies, which was the entire point of this piece. If you saw The Wire, just about every character on the street was black so that same point could have been raised with them. One could also ask why every character on The Sopranos was a white Italian.

Anonymous said...

How do you manipulate the stats is the key to either showing that the murder rate is down or crime/incident rate in schools are down or the unemployment rate is up or graduation rate is up or students choosing small schools is up or whatever you want the public to believe is either up or down!

Political wool over your eyes is up and the gullibility of the public is also up.

If the true stats were to be shown, the political career of many politicians would be kabash!

So hiding the truth from the public is a technique that has been used forever and it will not change in this century.