Monday, December 14, 2009

Move Jan. 26 PEP Out of Staten Island to Central Location

UPDATE from PEP member Patrick Sullivan:

The Bronx rep, Anna Santos, and I asked for the meeting to be moved to a Manhattan location near mass transit. We are waiting for a response from the PEP Chairman David Chang.

But keep those sigs coming in.

There are no closing schools in Staten Island, yet the Jan. 26 PEP meeting that will decide the fate of over 20 schools from other boroughs is being held there. We need your help to try to move the meeting. Copy and paste the petition below, sign it and electronically send it back to me at Or print it out and circulate it and then send it to 518 Beach 134 St. Belle Harbor, NY 11694. You don't have to include any more info than your name if you do not wish to.

Dear Chancellor Klein:

cc: Michael Best

We urge you to move to a more central location the Panel for Educational Policy meeting that will decide the fate of 36 schools, many of which are slated for closure, as well as a host of critical regulations that relate to parent involvement and the role of parents and teachers in decision-making at the school and district level.

We object because this time and location — January 26 at 6 PM on Staten Island — does not afford stakeholders and members of the community who will be most affected by these momentous decisions a reasonable opportunity to be heard.

The site would take more than an hour and a half to get to for most NYC parents, students, and teachers, making it impossible for those with daytime responsibilities to get to the meeting in time to comment.

To hold such a meeting in a location and time inaccessible to overwhelming majority of NYC students, teachers and parents is wrong and legally suspect.

We ask that you respond to this request as soon as possible.

SIGN HERE: Name, (parent or teacher?), school, district, office or organizational affiliation if any:

Norm Scott, Retired teacher, Education Notes, ICE, GEM

Thank you.


reality-based educator said...

Yeah, clearly they want a meeting in an isolated, hard to get to place. Maybe Klein can move it to City Island? Or Fire Island? Or Wake Island?

Mr. Dugong said...

How about the moon?

Anonymous said...

They are digusting....

Concerned Advocates said...

PEP LAW: Page 5 Section 2.1.5:
"The Panel for Educational Policy shall consider appropriate public accommodations when selecting a venue so as to maximize participation by parents and the community"

Clearly this is not the case... do I smell a lawsuit?!