Monday, December 7, 2009

Maxwell HS Community Fights Back Against School Closing

Join us to expose the injustice of school closures!

W.H. Maxwell HS (CTE), a career and technical school since 1951, would be 0.8 away from a B rating had it not been for the Mayor’s random changing of the cutoff scale. Expose the plans to make space for the mayor’s charter school takeovers.
Maxwell FACTS:
· 4 year weighted graduation rate : 72.5 %
· In 2006, our physics students won 1st prize in the city’s science fair sponsored by Con Edison.
· In 2008, 21.66% of the seniors successfully tested for and received the HSTW Award for Educational Achievement – which also requires college preparatory classes in English, Math , and Science.
· Unlike Charter Schools, we don’t give up on any student: ELL (5%), Special Education (22% - double the average), and student moms (daycare services).
· Two current students serve as the President of the New York State Health Occupations Students Association (HOSA) and Senior Vice President.
· Our HOSA contingent made it to the National Competition last year.
· We have graduates who attend Cornell, NYU, SUNY, CUNY
· Our students get real educational experience with institutions like Brookdale Hospital, Jamaica Hospital, City Tech, Medgar Evers, Touro, Rainbow Inc.
· Our graduates have become Designers, Opticians, Physicians, Nurses, Medical Assistants, Engineers, Cosmetologists, Graphic Artists, Entrepreneurs, Advertisers, etc…check out our Face book page by searching “Maxwell Grads – we really need your support”
· In 2006, we received an F after being overcrowded from the overflow of other school closures. Who will be next when our students get crammed elsewhere?

Come voice your demand that Bloomberg and the Billionaire’s Club listen to the neighborhoods they claim to want to help!

There will be two rallies at W.H. Maxwell HS (CTE) - 145 Pennsylvania Ave, East New York, 11207. C train to Liberty Avenue station:

Wed: Dec. 9th parents/community forum – 6 pm. Rally at 4:30 pm.
Tues: Jan. 12th CEC/SLC/ DOE forum– 6 pm: open mike sign-up starts 5:30, ends 15 minutes after speakers start. Rally starts 4:30 pm.
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Anonymous said...

Can't make to the 12/9 one, but count me in for the 1/12/10 one. Just make sure to send out reminders again.

See you 1/12/l0.

NYC Teacher said...

this is a travesty!!! we need to pull the magic veil away from the DOE/Tweed/Bloomberg and let everyone know what is really happening to our school system! The same thing is happening to our school and I fear it will be next - we've made improvement/received the bonus two years in a row and now we've been told we're doing so "bad" that we could shut down. This is an absolute injustice to our system and our kids. AND THE MAJORITY OF NEW YORKERS HAVE NO IDEA - that's the joke. WE MUST MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD!!!

Anonymous said...

We just had our announcement yesterday for beach channel hs. you are so right about the doe and the fact that the public has no idea about the damage it is inflicting. Our stories must be heard

Anonymous said...

Look at your Educational Impact Statement. Calculate the start up costs for the new school they will open in your place. For BCHS I calculated the costs as $410,000 for the first year and a 4 year total of $1,374,000. Is this the best use of taxpayer money that is not delievered directly to students.

Anonymous said...

I'm of the opinion that all school closings should be appealed to Commissioner of Education David Steiner.

In particular, take a look at the answers to questions 8 and 9 at the following page: