Monday, December 21, 2009

Angel Gonzalez Stars in The Taking of PEP, One, Two, Three

In this third posting of video I took at the Dec. 17 PEP meeting, Angel Gonzalez of GEM and ICE stars as he takes over the meeting and pulls a real deaf ear and a rubber stamp out of his pocket while ICE/TJC presidential candidate James Eterno and another ICEer hold up the ICE/NYCORE banner we made last year calling for the end of schools closing, the defense of ATRs and an end to high stakes testing.

Later I'll put up more video with Leo Casey's statement - compare it with Angel's on the militancy meter from zero to ten. Casey, by the way spent the meeting with his head down texting as much as Klein did - probably to each other. (A New Action blogger had a cryptic hint of similar criticism without mentioning Casey by name - of course. Don't want to jeopardize those Exec Bd seats, you know).

By the way, note how Mulgrew is now saying "Fix schools, don't close them." How creative Mike. I guess you has been [sic] reading Ed Notes and ICE and GEM material. If we thought the UFT would take a militant position beyond just words, we would be glad to see them adopt our positions. Do not hold your breath.

There is some commentary from me on my trek to the Bronx and a few words at the end. WARNING: holding the camera in front of your face up close and personal can make you look even more grotesque than usual.

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Anonymous said...

Angel you were GREAT!! Norm as always bright! Those are the brains we need-- not the BloomKlein puppets.