Thursday, December 17, 2009

Delegate Assembly Reaction 2: Seung Ok

Seung called a Point of Order, asking to be allowed to speak as someone from a closing school. Not one person called on was from a closing school. The Unity pre-DA rehearsals must have gone quite well. Nina Tribble was assigned to call the question to close debate, a job shared by people like Washington Irving's Greg Lindahl and our own Beach Channel's Dave Peccoraro. Some Unity idiot keeps commenting how rude Seung is. Wish we had a video (and maybe we do) of Mulgrew's condescening attitude towards Seung. He might as well have called him "boy!" Mulgrew was also pretty obnoxious with Kit Wainer, one of the true gentlemen. And TJC's Nick Licari, who you would want in the foxhole on any day of the week, was also denied the chance to address the DA because even though he led Norman Thomas for 20 years, is no longer a delegate. Sure, they let deputy mayors and politicians speak, but not Nick. I never saw Mulgrew in action much before now, but he may make us wish for Randi. Hmmm. Is that why she picked him?

Here Sueng is issuing a call to arms to pay a visit to Bloomberg at City Hall or at his home on Jan. 21. Get out the tea and crumpets Mike.

Seung Ok, Maxwell HS

I just came out of the UFT Meeting, and it looks like teacher's union leadership are selling out those schools in danger of closure. In fact. they didn't even allow me, a teacher from Maxwell HS and another teacher from Norman Thomas, to even get a chance to talk to the assembly. They talk the talk, but they absolutely do not want a citywide rally.

How is it possible, that they pass a resolution on school closings without asking for the opinions of the schools that are being closed? The resolution they passed tonight is so weak, the best they can come up with is a rally at the PEP meeting in Jan. 26 at Brooklyn Tech. How many New Yorker's even know what the PEP is? It will be too late by then! They voted down the idea of a citywide rally before that date.

Before people get the wrong idea, and start fuming about how the teacher delegates could allow this - let me explain a little about UFT politics. The same way Michael Bloomberg acts with intimidation and undemocratic rule, Michael Mulgrew (the president of the UFT) acts towards the Delegate Assembly. He learned his trade working under Randi Weingarten.

There are 3000 delagates in NYC, yet they meet in a room at the UFT that can only fit 800, and they want it that way. They stack the room with employees of the UFT union, many of whom don't even teach anymore. So they win every single vote that Mulgrew wants. In tonight's debate about an amendment for citywide rally, Michael Mulgrew called on 8 of his cronies to argue against this admentment in a row (which breaks the rules of the UFT union constiution). The UFT leadership does NOT represent the views of the majority of the rank and file teachers!

So it is up to us. They may have a few powerful people, we have the truth and thousands of people on our side. Imagine, if you will, the communities of all 22 closing schools entering Manhattan and rallying in front of the Mayor's apartment residence. He wants to mess with our community? We will go into his neighborhood...and shout our lungs out, until people realize, that he is not the civil rights leader he portrays himself to be.

Now the DATE is set. Some have decided that Thursday, Jan 21st is a great day. It's a 5 days before the PEP will make their decision!

So set the calendar, and tell everybody.....parents, students, teachers, cousins of teachers, cousins of cousins - to keep THURSDAY, JANUARY 21st open. We are going to rally, either at Bloomberg's residence or City Hall. Please visit our blog at see more information as the date gets near.

= Lay off our schools!!

UPDATE: Seung appeared on WBAI Thursday eve and here are some reviews:

Great job on WBAI this evening, Seung! Informative, persuasive and powerful. The students you had with you were extremely well spoken and exemplified why Maxwell should not be closed! Gloria

Seung, you were great! You really told it like it is and certainly painted a terrific picture of Maxwell. I am truly in awe of you. Peter

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