Friday, June 4, 2010

Bloomberg Machine to Run City Until 2225- at the very least

Term limits? Don' need no stickin' term limits. Today's NY Times puff profile on Bloomberg's mate Diana Taylor is practically an announcement that she will run for mayor when his term is over. And when her term is over, Emma will be ready. Add the Unity Caucus lifetime control of the UFT with designated successors and, you see, we do live in a monarchy. Long live the king (and queen).


  1. This man is sick. The whole idea of reading about his politics is disgusting.

  2. This fawning piece of journalistic sycophancy is a trial ballon for Bloomberg projecting his political power into the indefinite future. Shame on the New york Times for enabling it

  3. I heard something today I thought was brilliant. A speaker I was listening to said, "Allow your leaders to do the important things; take out the trash, fix your roads, remove the snow. This is why you elected them. Take all other responsibilities onto yourselves."
    Why have we given our power to these knuckleheads who seem to feel they have the divine right of kings?


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