Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gardening Glory

I spend a lot of time in the winter months just staring out the window. Just waiting for the sign. The sign of spring. My pals in the garden let me know. A bud here, a little flower there. Once we get into mid March I start making daily visits to my friends.

Yesterday was Mah jong day at my house and I was banished from the kitchen (though I sneaked down every so often to steal some cheese and macaroons. 5 hours of tiles crashing into each other was deafening so I had to get outside.

I had gone to Cosco earlier - practically had lunch eating my way down the aisles - and stopped at the gardening center next door. I can't walk out of these places without buying something. So I did. Some lettuce and some early spring flowering perennials. While planting I realized just how nice the space on my front lawn looks. So I whipped out the Blackberry phone. Not bad pics for a phone. Note my prize weeping red maple. I work very hard on getting that look. But once it blooms out you won't see it again until late November.

If I were to take pics tomorrow they would already look different. In a few weeks there will be no bulbs and other things have to happen to make it look good. It will take some creativity. That is the wonder of gardening. You get a new look almost every day. Just don't ask me to name any of them. I just go around saying "Hi pal."


  1. Dear Norm,
    Lovely pics! We are not ready to garden yet in Buffalo. Just wondering (jokingly) if this is what greedy retired public teachers do with all of their vast sums of $$$. Thought you'd be off to St. Bart's or somewhere like the hedge fund deformers and the Wall St Wives?
    Thanks for all you do for teachers. We are under attack here in the North also.

  2. Thanks. I'm planning to go to St. Barts to leaflet against charters.

  3. The name of the story you went to is spelled Costco with a T.

    When you say that word - aloud, as we say in the schools, we need hear the T.

    It is not Cos-co, with a Queens accent. It is Costco with a hard T.

  4. Anon 8:22:

    You don't spell too good either. :)

  5. But I live in Queens and I write like I tork.

  6. All those poor post 1973 teacher -when Unity abandondoned tier 1 - who can't afford backyards.


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