Friday, April 15, 2011

Washington Teachers Furlough Rally at Washington Post Today

People are putting 2+2 together and figuring out that favorable press coverage for ed deform at WAPO has a profit motive - the connection to one of the big money makers out of ed deform test prep mania - Kaplan. The more testing the bigger the profit – Race to the Top of the profit heap.

By the way, interesting that there are furlough days to keep away from layoffs- certainly not on the table here in NYC - and it shouldn't be given that there is no need for cuts.

This is from WTU VP Candi Peterson's Washington Teacher Blog.

WTU Call To Action: Furlough Protest Rally on Friday, April 15


WHAT: WTU Furlough Day Rally
WHEN: April 15, 2011, 10:30 am
WHERE: Washington Post Building, 1150 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC
  • The Washington Post has buried the truth about education reform in DC!
  • The Washington Post endorses IMPACT (test score centered teacher evaluation) at any cost!
  • The Washington Post's ownership of Kaplan Higher Education, the U.S. premiere education profiteers, creates a conflict of interest on education policies.

The Washington Post has consistently discounted the credentials, abilities and performance of hard working DC public school teachers. Kaplan's revenues, which are generated primarily by federal student loans, fuel their Editorial Board. The education stories have been uniquely biased against traditional public education creating a worse situation. Their national agenda has been about profit, not the people of Washington, DC or their children.
CALL TO ACTION: The WTU is asking for all those who care about public education in the District to:
  • Join forces to let the Washington Post know that we will not stand by while they continue with unfair and biased reporting.
  • Boycott the Washington Post newspaper until they stop lying!
  • Support community newspapers that report fairly and care about teachers, students and real education reform in the District.


Anonymous said...

The UFT could do this here. Boycott the three big papers. It's not only the lies. It's what is never printed.

Washington DC Jobs said...

With all the lies in media, there is a lot of boycotting that needs to happen. People have to stop reading and supporting unfair and biased reporting and it will stop when it fails to be profitable.