Tuesday, April 12, 2011

At TFA LIFO Panel Part 1

I gave out about a hundred copies of Julie's statement with a rap about how her position on lifo is stronger than uft presentation.
Lindsay Christ already printed a copy from the blog.
Evan came over to introduce himself. Claims he was supposed to be on panel in wash hts but dis-invited.

False advertising. Pedro Noguera is not here. A woman told me it was clear he wouldn't be here because she just saw him in New Orleans. But did the call Julie? Noooooo. They replaced him with an "emergency" replacement - Matt Willoughby - who is a TFA alum and principal of the Urban Assembly School of Design. He said teachers not working with kids - specifically ATRs and teachers up on charges should go first.
Now E4E - elevate discussion for classroom teachers - which of course she no longer is after 3 years. Laying out E4E line. Excessive absences should go - claims several hundred. Then U ratings. Then target ATRs - over 6 months.
Teachers who turn down jobs should go.
Leo- Bloomberg is stealth Wisconsin - Bloom manufactured crisis. Numbers at Tweed has gone up.
Bloomberg sees oppty to create at will employees (like Green Dot, Leo?). Now good point - turns layoffs into firing so have no right of return.
Due process - don't want dp. Absenses. U ratings. Raises Bx princ who sexually harrassed. Filed 3020a charges agst tchrs who testified against him. Gog help us if we give up protections.
He says only way is Lifo rigjt now.
Lindsey - is that good for students?
Leo- only good thing for students is no layoffs. System lost 5000 teachers over last few years. Class sizes high.
Leo actually did a decent job though I think he didn't lay things out as well as Julie would have.
Michelle Rhee slug is throwing out the anti Lifo line.
Lindsay says she will get back to principals behavior.
TFA guy just said Noguera had family emergency and they only found out a few hours ago. They still could have called Julie.

Part 2 coming next.

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