Saturday, April 2, 2011

HorseBlack Riding

As told to Ed Notes by Jaime Estades, NYC public school parent:
[edited for ed notes]
Roman Emperor and feared tyrant Caligula made his horse Incitatus a Roman citizen and a member of the Senate, thus showing his utter contempt for any shred left of democratic institutions in Rome. The members of the Senate were so fearful, they accepted Incitatus and treated him as a legitimate member of the Senate.

Two thousand years later, New York City Emperor Michael Bloomberg made Cathie Black the chancellor of the largest school system in the nation, thus showing his utter contempt for the institution of public education.The members of the educational corps were so fearful they treated Black as a legitimate choice for the role, not heeding the warning: do not do as the Romans do!
HorseBlack Riding- thanks to David Bellel for photoshopping

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  1. Former Chancellor for Instruction under Klein, Diana Lam, was as much an illegitimate leader of NYC Schools --and she had the education credentials. In a send up Lam's head would be rightfully placed in the posterior section of happy horse.

    Same illegitimacy in the tenure of former NYC Schools Chancellor Tony Alvarado (removed for criminal activities) - all the right education credentials - none of the right stuff.

    Alvarado's head would be best placed under happy horse

  2. Joel Klein's head should be placed next to Bloomberg's posterior, showing how Joel kissed it constantly.


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