Sunday, April 10, 2011

IS 303 Hearing - Domenic Recchio Takes Sides

Going to charter co-loco hearings is worse than being stuck in Groundhog Day - at least he gets the girl in the end. You will always here how the co-loco is temporary and that they have their own buidling just waiting for them.

Here is the latest fiasco - the IS 303 Hearing - City Councilman Domenic Recchio has trouble remembering the location of the building for Coney Island Prep charter.

I made this video of Julia Daniely, PTA President

Here's more videos made by people at 303:

At the CEC March 9th meeting we were told that 'trying to keep them out of the bldg is a sad reminder of Little Rock 9"

More about Recchia.. its from a few years ago at a Community Board 13 meeting. Listen to it.


Anonymous said...

Recchia ia a fraud good friend of Christine Quinn the Luca Brazi type who sat right next to Bloomberg when he faced the city council and New Yorkers when they allowed the term limits law to be over turned. Recchia is also the water boy for developer Joe Zitt who has swalloed up most of Coney Island. The UFT also loves this political hack. He will sell out anyone to further his own political career, and add to his bank account. He also sold out the staff at Dewey HS where he was an alumni. He stinks from the head down like a rotten fish.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Mark Twain or PS 216 was not used for this co-location...both school have the same amt. of space, as a matter of fact, the whole 5th fl. of PS 216 is empty...but this is just food for thought..think about it...Recchia's kid goes to Mark Twain and he lives around the PS 216 area, is he really saying not with my kid or my backyard? I wonder! Another thing his approval of charters, does that mean he is anti-union? And if charter schools are so great...I wonder if he is ready to put his money where his mouth is...Let him enroll his kid in the charter school! Poor excuse of a human being!

Anonymous said...

In this instance, the powers that be can't even use the old "failing school" excuse. It's really reprehensible that the wretched Recchia is in support of this charter school building grab!

Anonymous said...

Recchia is a corporate puppet. He controls Coney Island businesses and non-profit community agencies with city council funds. Don't make waves and you'll get paid!