Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rhee the Reformer: A Cautionary Tale

A brilliant piece of work from Sabrina at Failing Schools as Dr. Seuss does in Michelle Rhee.
by Sabrina
A ton of smart people have already written a lot of smart critiques of “Erase to the Top”– otherwise known as the unfolding story about testing “irregularities” in the DC Public Schools under then-chancellor Michelle Rhee. (RheeFirst has a collection of all the coverage here.) So I won’t do a whole big prose-y deal today– it’s been done. However, as far as I can tell, I am the first to tell this story in the style of Dr. Seuss. Enjoy
Direct you tube:

Erasuregate at Rhee First

Perdido Street School
Calling On The FBI To Investigate The DC Testing Scandal

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  1. Self contained special ed students made to take NYS tests ELA and math
    that they can barely read, do some research high school self contained students generally put
    there in 1 or 2 grade are still there without much progress The problem is parents many of whom have a language barrier/ and or dont care think that there child being in a small class is getting what they need, NOT TRUE not allowed to teach what they need have to use ciriculums that are not right for them GOD BLess Lucy Calkins, this is not about high expectations for all this is about
    REALISTIC expectations who each have different needs. Cant go to
    administration, fear of retribution
    thousands upon thousands of kids have gone through this system and will continue , my students are 3rd and 4th grade and their future is already predetermined. How come no one addresses this ????


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