Friday, April 1, 2011

Preview of Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman - Still Not Finalized Yet

Friday: 7:30 WFS followed by panel discussion
Saturday: 4:30 WFS, 7:30 -ITBWFS followed by panels
Sunday: 5:30 - ITBWFS

Our film is being previewed along with Waiting for Superman at the Maysles Cinema in Harlem tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday. Tonight at 7:30 they are showing WFS but GEM members will be on the panel, as we will tomorrow and Sunday. I'll be there tonight and Saturday. This is not the final version - I'm actually still interviewing charter school parents today and tomorrow for a final section of the film, which is about an hour long. Lots of exciting reactions - maybe even Diane Ravitch at the premiere if we can work dates out. Requests for our film are coming in from around the nation, a sign that all the hype around WFS has backfired.

I have always felt the film would reach the already committed and not do much for fence sitters, a goal being to activate people who are outraged at the attacks on public education. So this comment is very important to me since the commenter has a close relative who is a TFA alum and was a former charter school teacher and is now in a policy position in an urban environment ravaged by charters. She was also involved and still is in advertising and media.
Hi Norm:
Just finished viewing your film that answers "waiting for superman"...and I think your 'oeuvre' is just SUPER. AND DESERVES TO BE VIEWED ON N.Y. 1, MNN (for sure), maybe channel 21,....other public access channels throughout country......and wherever else you can place it. Sure there are some fuzzy images and too fast "pans"...but the editing is terrific. I wish you luck and success with it. The message must be heard. I am convinced.
Those fuzzies and fast pans are the result of my amateur attempts at cinematography, but considering this was literally a no budget film using the lowest level of equipment and edited in imovie by working teachers in their spare time, it is quite an achievement.


Anonymous said...

You need to show this on mainstream media, the word must get out

Anonymous said...

I agree, 120%.