Friday, May 11, 2012

MORE Meets Saturday, ICE Meeting Location Today Changed

Note that the ICE meeting today will be at the Skylight Diner 34th st and 9th Av at 4:30 today instead of Murry Bergtraum HS.

M.O.R.E - Movement of Rank and File Educators - Membership Meeting  

Join us at the open membership meeting for the new UFT caucus on Saturday, May 12 at Noon at the CUNY Graduate Center  - Room 5414 (New Location! 365 5th Ave @ 34th St, 6 to 33rd, B/D/F/M/N/R to Herald Square).   Please RSVP on Facebook, retweet and forward widely. Email for more info.

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Proposed Agenda for May 12th:
  1. Introduction     12:00-12:20   
  2. Name/slogan 12:20-12:35 
  3. Committee reports 12:35-12:55   
  4. Actions/DA 12:55-1:40   
  5. Membership Drive: 1:40-2:10
  6. Principles of Unity 2:10-2:40 
  7. Wrap-up  2:40-2:45

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  1. Hi Norm, its great to see you still going strong. I don't know if the energy of GEM and NYC would be welcome here in Greensboro, NC. Everyone is calm and they speak with such respect and reverence for their elected officials. They are very transparent here. You know the agenda of every public entity, when and where they are meeting. I'm sure there is talk behind closed doors but there is a certain level of public respect that we have lost in NYC. Miss the movement,and believe me you are moving. Khem Irby


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