Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Enemy Within: Warning, Ed Deformer in the House

I listened to AFT President, Randi Weingarten at the the Education Minnesota Representative Assembly (our state Union is a merged union).  She never mentioned Philadelphia [Philly Schools Go Out of Business], but did manage to praise the president of my Minneapolis local for using AFT Innovation Grant funds to create a charter school sponsoring organization.  We can't let this happen.   ------- Rob Panning-Miler
Philadelphia Blows Up Its School District, And No One In The Complicit National Media Even Cares | Crooks and Liars
  Or the complicit AFT/UFT/NYSUT which sits by while the public school systems in urban areas are dismantled one by one (also see Detroit.) The AFT wants to get into the charter school business. Why let the hedge funders get all the gravy?

Weingarten and Steve Brill, perfect together
Check this one out on Randi's activities, appearing at an event with Steve Brill where the lowest cost ticket is $375.
SteveBrill wrote the WORST book ever; total charter porn; and he’s speaking w/ Randi on “family engagement”?  What a joke.  I would pay NOT to have to attend this fundraiser.---Leonie Haimson

So this is what Randi prioritizes.

Another parent activist commented:
375.00 ????? Yeah that's really gonna bring in typical families from NYC. It's great to know that the 1% can pay to sit and talk family engagement with Randi and Brill. Do either of them have kids? Do either of them have more than 5 minutes experience in schools?
Read Patrick Walsh's devastating piece on Randi's pal Brill.

Reflections on and Rebuttals of Class Warfare (Or Steven Brill has a Serious Credibility Problem)

Description: http://e2ma.net/userdata/1402232/assets/ll_invite-1.jpg
Please join Learning Leaders
and our distinguished guests for a luncheon forum on the role of family engagement in education reform.

Please purchase tickets below or click here to make a contribution
Steven Brill, Author of Class Warfare and Co-CEO, Press+

Randi Weingarten, President, The American Federation of Teachers

Joyce Purnick, Veteran New York Times Journalist, Author and WNYC Radio Political Analyst

Tuesday, May 1st, 12:00 Noon
New York University Kimmel Center
60 Washington Square South
New York, New York 10012

FOLLOW-UP: Closing Philly Schools
Today they declared the end of public education in Philadelphia.

And with this crime, they have surely murdered the last hope for democracy.

First they defund the schools. Then they tell us they don't work. Then they privatize them. Pretty much the same pattern they've been using on every public service. Underfund them. Starve them. Claim they don't work. Buy them for profit. Where all our public services are going, and of what little remains of our our Commons.

The full realization of this theft... the report yesterday of the end of public education in Philadelphia (and don't fool yourself--that's exactly what it is!) has been hard to absorb... just how historically significant, --is almost impossible to comprehend. Made more difficult by the near indifference of the public.


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