Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weingarten Praises Klein's Integrity

She clearly must have a different definition of integrity than I do.
-- Leonie Haimson
Klein And Murdoch - A Model In Cronyism And Corruption 
-- Perdido Street School blog
Today's NY Times puff piece on Joel Klein (Steering Murdoch in Scandal, Klein Put School Goals Aside) was a howl.
We’ve had our history of battles,” Ms. Weingarten said of Mr. Klein. “But he’s always had a reputation for integrity, and I can’t imagine the last several months of being mired in this scandal have been fun for him.”
After her May 1 chat with Steve Brill (The Enemy Within: Warning, Ed Deformer in the Hous...) really, Randi is the gift that keeps giving. I would add Weingarten to that headline.
Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, who has clashed with Mr. Klein in the past, called the company’s education push in the midst of the hacking scandal “the definition of chutzpah
Leonie responds:
And yet she’s on the advisory board of the Gates-funded LLC that will hold confidential teacher and student data, and be operated by Wireless Generation.

My comment in response to Leonie was that Klein actually has more integrity that Randi since he states what he is.

On another front, there is Obama's amazingly dumb statement about charters as Incubators of Innovation. I tweeted that's like saying FOX  is an incubator of fair and balanced journalism.

Diane Ravitch blogged about it:

“Incubators of Innovation?”


Anonymous said...

Without Klein, Weingarten isn't in the 1 %, having lunch at The White House, and assured of "the good life."

If she was a true "union leader" she would have fought these thugs every step of the way. They are gangsters, and she was their gun moll...what a BS piece of garbage you are "Randi."... Thanks for NOTHING!

Anonymous said...

It is so funny...there is someone that I work with that used to "defend" Weingarten to the hilt...suddenly, as she now got to see just what union leadership has done to it's members, she has suddenly seen the light.

Paul Hogan said...

Interesting choice of words by our chief executive. "Incubators". Now where have I seen that word before??? Hmmm..... Got it!!

"Dreams from My Father", p 58: "Punahou had grown into, a prestigious prep school, an incubator for island elites."

He then goes on to describe how the family schemed ( *cheated* in other words) to get him in a ahead of the long wait-list.

Ahhh... such integrity. And that oh-so-common-it's-UNcommon touch. Wattaguy!

Anonymous said...

Just received my Unity Caucus silly letters to staff. Threw them right into the garbage.

ed notes online said...

Oh no. Go get them and hand them out. They are such a joke they are a great organizing tool for us.
What is happening is that the UFT is sending out district reps to put then in boxes of schools where chapter leaders won't -- a total violation since they are on staff.

Michael Fiorillo said...

It's funny that Weingarten should praise Klein''s "integrity," since I distinctly recall many Delegate Assemblies where she called him a liar and posited him as the bad guy, in order to misdirect rank and file anger away from her flying buddy, Bloomberg. Needless to say, integrity is something the three of them know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

That won't happen in my school Norm. Trust me (re: Unity DRs).

Anonymous said...

That infamous Dylan line comes to mind in thinking of "Randi", Heir Chancellor Klein, and King Bloomberg flying around The King's private jet..."Name me someone that ain't a parasite, and I'll say a prayer for him..."