Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Video: Leonie Haimson at Teacher Evaluation Forum

The more I watch these videos from the GEM/CSM/PAA forum we held on April 17, the more impressed I am  --- 2 hours packed with insights. I broke them up into sections.

In this one Leonie Haimson points out that class size has not been taken into account in Teacher Data Reports and in fact class size has an impact on teacher ratings. She also talks about differentiation of instruction and how class size is ignored. It is obvious that the ability to differentiate instruction is absolutely dependent on class size. She eviscerates Dennis Walcott on his response on gifted and talented, really pointing just how pathetic and know-nothing a shill he is. And so much more.

Teacher Evaluation Forum - Leonie Haimson from Grassroots Education Movement on Vimeo.
Sponsored by GEM, Class Size Matters, Parents Across America.

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