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YOU'RE FIRED: Crooked Daily News Editor Collin Myler Still on Payroll

Collin Myler: YOU'RE FIRED

Collin Myler was behind the “FIRE ’EM! Exposed: Perv Teachers Still on Payroll" story. Now it is time to give Collin Myler a '0" on his Editor Data Report (EDR). (I had this story on the back burner for a couple of weeks and a Sunday morning is a good way to clear some backlog.)

The DOE partnered with the Daily News in trying to trash teachers who were charged but not found guilty, releasing 16 names that were ordered blasted across the pages of the DN. Remember the shameful DN article about IS 318 for supposedly having 60% of its teachers with low TDA's which led to some of them charging the elementary feeder schools were cheating?

(This will lead to the upper grade teachers in those schools charging the lower grade teachers with cheating --- really, a great way to build a school community -- all this the result of the insane "accountability at the bottom" movement as a solution to the education problems --- and I must point out, something the AFT/UFT signed onto as far back as the mid-80s.) Myler engages in irresponsible journalism which has a much bigger negative impact that teachers with low TDAs.

Chaz was one of those 16 teachers and responded with very strong words, as did many other bloggers, including Ed Notes. Myler should be fired immediately given this headline:

Perverted teachers still working

The NY Times gave Myler himself a bit of ink a few weeks ago:
In the four months since he became editor of The Daily News, Mr. Myler, 59, has made it clear that he identifies with the sensibilities of the common man.
When a jury was unable to reach a full verdict in the trial of a police officer charged with raping a teacher, the front-page headline in The Daily News screamed, “What Does a Woman Have to Do to Prove She Was Raped?”
The headline for another cover story, on teachers accused of unseemly conduct with students, read: “FIRE ’EM! Exposed: Perv Teachers Still on Payroll.”
 Come on now Collin. It was a teacher who was raped. Did you check her TDA?
But every now and then in his rollicking journalistic adventures, Mr. Myler has become the story, or at least an integral part of it — and that became the case again on Tuesday, when he found himself a prime target of a British parliamentary panel’s report on the phone-hacking scandal that has engulfed Rupert Murdoch’s British newspapers.
The panel concluded that Mr. Myler had misled them about his knowledge of the illegal behavior, which puts him at risk of being cited for contempt of Parliament.
Reality-Based Educator commented on Myler:

Daily News Editor-In-Chief Colin Myler May Be Called Before Parliament For Punishment

Does Colin Myler still get to run the Daily News now?

The last non-member of Parliament called to apologize before Parliament was in 1957. And the last time Parliament imprisoned a non-member of Parliament was in 1880. But Myler, Crone and Hinton face all three of those possibilities. In addition, it is believed that Hinton may eventually face criminal charges related to the News Corporation hacking scandal as well. I wonder, can Colin Myler run the New York Daily News from a British prison cell?
It seems in the world of the Zuckerman Daily News only innocent teachers accused and later exonerated of allegations need to be fired.

Daily News editors found guilty of lying to Parliament and accused by a Labor MP of sending reporters to dig up dirt on investigators in order to get them to drop their investigation of his newspaper - those offenses are apparently not cause for concern.

Just another example of the two-tier justice system we have in our neo-feudal society these days - one where elites can pretty much do anything they want with impunity, and another for the rest of us where even a remark on Facebook can get you fired.
Read the original DN story:

Perverted teachers still working

Sixteen city teachers have been singled out by education officials for pervy classroom behavior — but they can’t be fired, the Daily News has learned.
One instructor allegedly bent a kid over a chair and thrust into him from behind, saying “I’ll show you what is gay.” Another couldn’t stop calling girls in his gym class “sexy.” And yet another is accused of telling a student: “I slept with your mother last night.”
Fourteen of the shady instructors are still working with city kids — and two of them have been yanked from the classroom after being accused again of inappropriate behavior.

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  1. Amazing, how this all comes back to Murdoch & Klein. The Daily News is just as bad as the Post. For a while the Daily News Reporters (Monahan & Chapman) would at least give both side. They stopped. Now it all makes sense.


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