Thursday, May 24, 2012

Unity/UFT On Sidelines in Jeffries/Barron Race

Neutrality in essence supports ed deformer/charter mole Hakeem Jeffries as the UFT wholesale sellout to ed deformers continues. Yes, boys and girls, the UFT at the Delegate Assembly yesterday said "no mas" allowing the deformers to capture a Brooklyn Congressional seat. Well, I predicted in yesterday's post that the UFT would actually support Jefffries but I guess they can't go that far. However, sitting this out is support, just like sitting out the mayoral race last time was supporting Bloomberg. (Just watch both Bloomberg and Mulgrew support Quinn, which should tell you something about there the UFT really stands.)

I'm not always a fan of Charles Barron over some of his bombast, but he and his wife, State Assemblywoman (and former teacher and principal Inez Barron, who I just love), have stood up for teachers, parents and community time and again in the WalBloomKlein years. Oh, and did I say he is adamantly opposed to mayoral control in any form – no tweaks like the UFT wants – and for local control that would empower parents and teachers at the school level, something that both Bloomberg, Bill Gates and Randi Weingarten/Michael Mulgrew all oppose.

At yesterday's DA, which thankfully I skipped, the Unity ant hill went along, leading their flock to slaughter.

Here is a post on the story from

Mulgrew & UFT Execs Sit Out Another Important Political Race

We all know how spineless Michael Mulgrew and the UFT executives were when they sat out of the most important mayoral race ever in New York City.  The UFT helped Bloomberg get his third term as mayor when they sat on their hands and did not endorse William Thompson.  How the teacher's union can sit out of a mayoral race is beyond comprehension.
Mulgrew and the UFT executives are showing that they are still not looking out for the best interest of their members, as they sit out of the very important Brooklyn Congressional race between Charles Barron and Hakeem Jeffries. Barron and Jeffries are running for the seat that the retiring Ed Towns held for many years.  The UFT is not looking out for the best interest of their members and that is a huge problem.
Charles Barron has been endorsed by because he is a strong supporter of the teachers of New York City, and he has been on the frontline fighting against school closings, teacher layoffs and public funding being used for Charter schools.  Hakeem Jeffries receives funding from Charter school organizations and Charter school advocates, which is a slap in the face to teachers of New York City and to the union.  The expansion of Charter schools is an attempt by Bloomberg. Klein and many of their friends, to bust the union and to control public education  dollars.
How can the UFT not fight against a guy like Hakeem Jeffries, who will play a part in busting their own union and hurting their own members.   DC37 is smart enough to understand that a vote for Jeffries is a vote against unions and teachers, so they have decided to endorse Charles Barron.
Mulgrew and the UFT executives MUST answer questions about this move or they should be ousted immediately, for not looking out for the teacher's best interest.
Teachers must go out in full support of Charles Barron if we care about our profession.  Pass the word on to all teachers and educators. 


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