Friday, May 22, 2015

Haimson on Farina DOE: Shameful; DOE shows yet again their disrespect for parents by opposing open meetings for SLTs

Farina clearly believes in unfettered principal power.
Just found out that DOE is  appealing Judge Moulton’s authoritative decision that SLT meetings must be subject to open meetings law – presumably the DOE will be making the same legally baseless argument that they can be closed meetings because SLT’s only have “advisory” powers. Yet again, DOE officials are revealing their profound disrespect for parent input and the public’s right to know, and showing that their rhetoric about “collaboration” with parents is a sham. For more on this case, see here; ...  Leonie Haimson
The more things change the more they stay the same as Farina more and more morphs into Joel Klein. But then again, she sat next to Klein for years and defended his policies. We should also point out the profound disrespect for teachers who also serve on School Based Leadership teams.

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  1. With very few changes in the way the DOE operates, I could swear Bloomberg is still pulling some strings or is counseling this de Blasio administration on reforms laid down back in the 2000's.


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