Monday, May 18, 2015

South Bronx School: BREAKING NEWS!! My 3020-a Decision Arrived

I attended most of Peter's 3020a hearings. The principal, Allison Coviello, tried to come off as super competent but often came across as a zealot who put enormous time and effort into taking away the livelihood of a former colleague, who she clearly had targeted for removal even before she became principal.

Going after a cluster teacher who sees 300 kids a week for not differentiating instruction in his 45 minutes with the kids once or twice a week, for instance. NYSUT attorney Jennifer Hogan was on the case, pointing out that other clusters were not treated the same way and that he was being compared to push-in teachers who spend hours a day with the kids.

Coviello, who tried to maintain a calm exterior, struck me as a cold-hearted automaton. And I think the hearing officer must have agreed to some extent as her decision not to terminate Peter demonstrates. Still, to keep her job, she split the baby and suspended Peter for 4 months, in essence a massive fine. We never expected him not to be fined, but this is excessive.

He will not be returned to his school, which would be Coviello's worst nightmare. He is suing and from my information, the DOE is very nervous about suits and is looking to settle with people who do sue. Peter has a court date for his suit on Weds. Do you think the decision coming down less than 48 hours before the court date is a coincidence after months of waiting for a decision?

By not taking Peter's job, they are hoping to take away the guts of his court case. They won't. Courts don't owe anything to DOE legal.

Check his blog for updates.

BREAKING NEWS!! My 3020-a Decision Arrived

The decision is in!

I kept my job.

I have a 4 month suspension.

I have yet to read the decision. Will read it by tomorrow.

Details to follow.

Court date in Manhattan Supreme Court this Wednesday morning.

Thank you to all those that have supported me throughout this long and arduous process.


  1. Technical matter of Teacher's right to a transcript of the hearing.....
    Were the tape to become damaged....does the Teacher get an automatic re-hearing?

    What is the mechanism by which lawyers representing Teachers at d isciplinary hearings...are "cleared" for further employment? (As an Independent contractor.)
    Is it not a conflict of interests to have lawyers of the ATU review the applications of lawyers who elect to represent teachers at these internal disciplinary hearings?


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