Saturday, May 2, 2015

NYSUT Update: Stronger Together - Over 500 RA Delegates Join Caucus Challenging Unity (State)

Strong support for the resolutions from STCaucus (details later) even though Unity defeated all resos in committee but shined a spotlight on how they control and opened some eyes and gaining ST more support.

Mike Schirtzer from MORE elected to rep NYC on ST steering, solidifying bonds between ST and MORE.

Look for the first serious opposition to Unity at the state level in 40 years to grow. The next election will be in spring 2017.

I reported on this the other day.

Are You Missing Your Local Unity Caucus Slug? 800 have shuffled off to Buffalo at your expense for NYSUT convention

Arthur has a story:

A New Movement in NYSUT

Here are some pics:


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