Thursday, April 30, 2015

Are You Missing Your Local Unity Caucus Slug? 800 have shuffled off to Buffalo at your expense for NYSUT convention

Message to RA Assembly this weekend from Lace to the Top:
I highly encourage like-minded rank and file teachers to join the ST Caucus
My message is:  Join Stronger Together to challenge the Unity state and city slugs at the state level. As we hear from the crew up in Buffalo, we'll report events. Friday night ST is calling a caucus meeting at the same time state Unity is meeting. Let's see who stands up.

Stronger Together, Tabling - I want one of those tees - Port Jeff Station union pres Beth Dimino on right

This weekend is the first NYSUT convention since last years war between the Mulgrew/Randi/Magee Revile slate which attacked the NYSUT leadership, which formed a new slate called Stronger Together (ST). They lost but are coming back stronger this year.

I would also like to see ST make a showing at the 2016 AFT convention in Minneapolis.

By the way, in the 2016 UFT elections, which I will be urging people to boycott, those 800 slugs will be re-elected just in time for the AFT convention, where they can punch those who oppose common core in the face.

The always awesome Beth Dimino has been a leader of the growing opposition on the state level. ST and MORE have been in an alliance and MORE may have a rep on the steering committee. ST wants to work with the leading opposition to Unity here in the city and when the next NYSUT election (2017 - with the same 800 Unity slugs) comes along in 2 years - here at the Hilton, I imagine, we expect to see the state and the city Unity caucuses sweating. MORE may end up running with them to make a point about the lack of democracy in the UFT. 

In the last election, Unity with 31% of the voters in the RA also had the support of the other big 5 city unions, plus the semi-slugs from the CUNY union. In the last year, there have been some changes brewing in some of those big 5 and this weekend should be an interesting test of how much progress ST is making. 

NY Teachers- join ST Caucus and bring real change to your school house

We represent the combined effort of parents and teachers. We are ignored by politicians and union leadership alike.

Our strength comes in our numbers and our agenda is simple- we want what is best for our children.

I have tried to hold Randi accountable and have attacked NYSUT’s leadership every time they have taken us down a path that is harmful to our children. I am but a mosquito to these people, but there is hope…

I highly encourage like-minded rank and file teachers to join the ST Caucus. In full disclosure, I am not an officer nor do I play any significant role in the ST caucus (other than supporter). I know the people that have constructed this caucus. They are student centered and share our values. I believe in them. If teachers want to bring real change into their school houses, I encourage you all to join.

ST Caucus will be present at the NYSUT RA in Buffalo. Please tell your reps that you want to join or ask them to bring back more information.


Anonymous said...

What will be even more interesting will be to see if the Constitutional Amendments regarding the elections of the officers and board will be handled. They essentially take the election of officers and board away from the RA delegates and move the elections to specially called Election District meetings. Why? Perhaps a little transparency and an effort to increase local delegations to vote without travel to and RA?

I wonder how Unity will handle this. That committee meeting will be very interesting.

Unknown said...

Norm I officially welcomed Beth and all the ST Crew to B-Lo on my FB page directing them to one of Carl Paladino's Doc Sullivan's in South Buffalo where they were encouraged to try the award winning wings and drink their fill before putting the entire deal on Carl's tab. Guy can't get enough of the teacher's unions from what we see here. Unity slugs are advised to go directly on foot to Club Utica and demand their teacher discount on draft Genesee Cream Ale and the pickled eggs in the jar at the end of the bar. Shouldn't be any problem walking back to the hotel at 4:00 as that's the hour we roll til in Erie County.

ed notes online said...

Sean - your gardens may be wrecked by all those slugs.