Monday, April 20, 2015

Did Cuomo Skip Out to Cuba to Avoid Eva Fundraiser? Today - Protest at 6:15 at Cipriani

The parent of a second grader said his daughter’s name had appeared in the "red zone" in class newsletters so often that she needed therapy to help improve her self-esteem.... We started noticing that our son was coming home soaked in urine in September 2014. We provided the letter to Success Academy, but the incidents continued.... Our daughter, who has a learning disability... receives services, like speech therapy, occupational therapy and additional help. Initially our daughter enjoyed going to school. However, after the first few weeks our daughter’s struggles became obvious. Her name was highlighted in a “red” section of the weekly class newsletter for math.... NY Times interviews Success Academy parents
It is funny that on the day Cuomo was to deliver the keynote at a major Eva Success event, he is off to Cuba. His people are claiming Cuba picked the date. I think it was the reports of urine-soaked abused children as the Times hit that issue on Saturday for the 2nd time. with interviews with parents, pro and con.

Funny how the battered, struggling kids are the ones that will be leaving, while the students who can sit perfectly still and quiet - rigid-like -- are the "successes" in Success. Pretty sad state of affairs that parents put their kids through this.  See New York Times article last week.

Can we equate Success parents with vaccine deniers in terms of harming their own children and society in general?

Here is the facebook posting for the demo later today, where people should
toss underwear at Eva for her urine-soaked kids.
Poor "Evil" Moskowitz! It's that time of the year again where she asks her generous friends for money. So please come out on Monday, April 20th at 6:15 pm for she needs all the help she can get. Moskowitz will probably need some words of encouragement so any offered would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Don't forget to get dressed up. We need to look good for her friends and cameras. Also, feel free to bring some change of clothes and diapers for her "scholars." It is still testing season and poor Eva needs the money. #DontStealPottyTime

Additional information: Success Academy Charter Schools
Third Annual Spring Benefit. 6:30 pm. Cocktails and dinner. Business attire. Honoring Eli Broad. Chaired by Campbell Brown, Joel Greenblatt, Daniel S. Loeb, John Scully, Regina Scully. Tickets from $1,250.00. Tables from $15,000.00. Cipriani 42nd Street. New York. Contact: Julianna Harder. (212) 245-6570. Event address: 110 East 42nd Street, New York.

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