Monday, April 6, 2015

Message from MORE: Michael Mulgrew can continue to hurl epithets at the Governor, but he and his supporters share in the blame

First thing's first: we hope you're enjoying a well-deserved Spring Break! We're thankful for union-protected holidays, and we're thankful for all of you, and your hard work over these past few months.

Undoubtedly, MORE-members' participation in fighting Governor Cuomo's initial budget proposal is something to be proud of.  It only takes a quick glance at the media to see MORE members building strong coalitions and speaking out with their communities.  But, with or without UFT leadership, we can't stop now!

The new NYState budget still contains many provisions that will hurt our profession, our schools, our students, and each other. It's time to join with parent-partners in the #OptOut movement against standardized testing, continue to build stronger chapters, and take back our UFT!

Michael Mulgrew can continue to hurl epithets at the Governor. But he and his supporters share in the blame. MORE’s vision of unionism is an organization that can inspire members with confidence, encourage more of them to become active, and organize the kind of broad fightback that can reverse the attacks on teacher unionism and public education. The Unity/UFT model of unionism features militant-sounding leaders who talk tough, but rely on their ability to make backroom deals with local and state legislators. That model just failed again. Lets join together and take back our union, before it is too late.

To read our complete statement on the budget, click here.
And, of course, we hope to see you at our next general meeting, or an upcoming local gathering.  Stay tuned, and stay in touch!

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