Friday, April 24, 2015

Principal to Arne Duncan: It's not the teachers unions - ITS YOUR POLICIES - THAT'S WHY WE OPT OUT!!! - and besides - you're a fraud and DFER tool

Dorie Nolt kisses off opt out parents as union influenced
We heard from Rahm Emmanuel all about how bad Chicago schools are - well who was in charge for all those years?? ARNE DUNCAN!  
This came in over the transom to ed notes HQ from a school leader:
I  called Dorie Nolt (  the spokeswoman for US Sec. of MIS-Education in DC who was quoted in a Gotham (Chalkbeat) Schools piece  as saying something like "THE PARENTS WHO OPTED OUT IN NY WERE put up to it by the teachers unions"....

I told her that Arne Duncan, her boss, is a fraud and has no record of demonstrated classroom experience.

He is a corporate/DFER tool. 

As she did not like or agree with my assessment of her boss as "a shill with no license nor qualifications " and tried to cut me off repeatedly after I read her her own comments , she just kept thanking me for my service as an educator and a parent... email to ed notes
I told her that 61% of my home district opted out and I doubt she interviewed each and every one of the parents there...we are not all teachers nor beholden to their unions.

I encourage EVERY PARENT WHO SHARES MY OUTRAGE to CALL Dorie Nolt at 202 453-6544... DEMAND AN APOLOGY!!!

Tell her WE KNOW OUR CHILDREN not her and Obama and Duncan his new deputy John King, Cuomo and Tisch.. LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE!!!

Its not the teachers unions- ITS YOUR POLICIES- THAT'S WHY WE OPT OUT!!!

Stick it up your ___ not mine! 
I also called multiple State Senators today to support Sen. Terrance Murphy's "Common Core Parental Refusal Act", which would protect students, teachers, principals, schools and districts from any retaliation or negative consequences from parents exercising their right to opt out.
I called State Sen. John Flanagan about this. I told him that despite proof that annual screening can help us avoid prostate cancer, it was his choice to go and get an annual digital rectal exam. Should other men decide not to - that was their legitimate choice and despite any possible negative consequences down the road - he can stick it up his _____ but has no right sticking it up anyone else's.

Like Charelton Heston yelled in planet of the Apes... This is a   MADHOUSE!!!!!   A MAAAAAAAADHHHOOOUUUSSSEEE!!!

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