Thursday, April 2, 2015

Retired School Superintendent Bill Cala on the NYState Budget Disaster

"They stick a knife in 9 inches then pull it out 6 inches and call it progress" Malcom X. It appears that those who voted yes on the NYS budget subscribe to this axiom. The rationale we are getting for supporting the budget is unnerving. "We put it in the hands of SED, (teacher evaluation and tenure) where it belongs, rather than the governor. The bill sets up a firing squad, determines who is going to get shot, how many times and when it will happen. Then they tell SED, "It's your job to pull the trigger.".. Bill Cala, retired Supt of Fairport and acting Supt of Rochester

I have been pushing for Bill to be NY State Education Commissioner since I met him a dozen years ago at NCLB/Test resistance conference set up by Susan Ohanian and others in Alabama. Check out this video of Bill

And support Bill and his wife Joanne's project in Africa.

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