Sunday, April 19, 2015

Jeff Nichols Does Uncommon Math on opt out: No wonder there's panic in the streets -- of Albany

Jeff is one of the stalwart Change the Stakes parent activists. Jeff, a music
professor at CUNY, was up late last night working some numbers:
I didn't have the benefit of Common Core math growing up, but it seems to me the opt out phenomenon is roughly proceeding by the equation 4x = y, where x is last year's total and y is this year, for any given year. That means we're 2 years away at most from the moment when they give a test and nobody comes. No wonder there's panic in the streets -- of Albany.
Jeff followed up a bit later:
Now I'm seeing a figure of 8,000 for 2013.
2013 8,000
2014 60,000
2015 250,000

Well, looks like an order of magnitude every year. They're done next year.
Well, I'm not so sure, given the ability of the evil empire to strike back. Note how the traitorous, often bought off (by Bill Gates etal) quasi, self-proclaimed civil rights leaders are jumping on the testing bandwagon.
I just saw another pro-common core ad funded by the millions from the deformers. More ominous will be attempts from Cuomo (and the Obama administration) to punish people for opting out. The cow may be out of the barn but as the entire fabric of ed deform unravels, desperate measures will be called for.

I'm heading into the city today for the Kids Pac press conference with a report card for de Blasio. I may get to say a few words representing Change the Stake - my orders are to say: THERE'S STILL TIME TO OPT OUT FOR THE MATH TESTS.

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