Monday, April 6, 2015

Video of Eva Bund Rally, NY Times Piece on Eva and Success, Massive failure of Albany charter schools a sign of future

Perdido Street School One of the big takeaways from a NY Times report on Eva Moskowitz and Success Academies that went up today: Send your child there if you want them to experience stress, misery and sitting in their urine.   
The Times piece by Kate Taylor finally gets down to the essence of the Eva plantation system. Go and comment to counter the Eva trolls.

And check out this video I shot in March, 2009 of an Eva Moskowitz bund rally in a Harlem armory -- I did it as a commercial for a Save Public Schools conference on March 28 -- an event that made the future GEM into a viable organization.  Look at our message exactly 6 years ago -- we hit every current theme from high stakes tests to ATRs to school closings to charter schools. In some ways this little video was a precursor to our full length movie (I seemed to have lost the almost one hour of footage I shot -- Bloomberg, Klein, Walcott and all the rest of the Tweed thieves were there.)

Albany charter scams fall apart
I've always maintained that over time the charter movement scandals will reach a crescendo. The Albany story may be a first shot as a sign of systematic failure. Four years ago, my wife, brother-in-law and sister-in-law were invited up to stay with relatives in Albany -- her cousin, a very sharp woman in her early 80s out of the blue started railing against the charters in Albany as an outrageous scam -- she was not an educator but as a citizen. My brother-in-law knew nothing about charters and was incredulous at the scam being pulled off. Albany had the first influx of charters in the state and the scam is finally falling apart as reported in Capital.
THE EDUCATIONAL EXPERIMENT THAT FAILED—Scott Waldman for Capital magazine: “A few blocks from the Capitol, a cluster of vacant buildings testifies to the rapid rise and quick retreat of Albany’s charter school sector. Once heralded as a new beginning for children living in grinding poverty and stuck in a long-troubled school district, Albany’s charter system has so far failed to live up to that promise. Five of the 12 charter schools that opened in the last decade have already closed, and others are being skeptically eyed by state officials. The failures of Albany’s charter sector reflect some of the significant questions that surround Cuomo’s push to expand the state’s charter sector in this year’s budget.”

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