Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rally at Cipriani's as Eva fundraises: Monday, April 20th 6pm

MORE and Change the Stakes were talking about doing this and now AQE is calling for a demo which we will join. So let's parteeeeeee.
MORE and CTS at April 7 Cuomo fundraiser
(Sad to say, Gloria and her mink won't be there.)

Here is the announcement from AQE -- and of course, due to the closeness to the UFT, expect to hear the scummy press screaming bloody murder at the outrage. The UFT is so nervous about bad press they are keeping their fingerprints off this - at least on the surface. Imagine if they called on pissed off teachers to join in?
As some of you already know Eva Moskowitz is hosting one of her many fundraiser's at Cipriani's this coming Monday, April 20th. Hedgeclippers, AQE, VOCAL are having a rally outside of the restaurant at 6 pm. Will you join us?

Let's greet the billionaires who fund privatization and don't have to pay their fair share.

Please respond if you are able to make it.
Zakiyah Ansari
Advocacy Director
Alliance for Quality Education
233 Broadway, suite 720

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