Monday, April 6, 2015

Dewey Defeats Truman Moment: George Schmidt is bullish on Chey over Rahm in Chicago mayoral vote Tuesday

Hope springs eternal.
Since people have been asking me for bets during Final Four season, so... I'll take Chuy for 51 percent to 52 percent over Rahm when all the votes are counted finally on Tuesday.

Bets are done by handshake.
Indicators are everywhere we will have one of those joyous "Dewey Defeats Truman" moments again here, as Karen Lewis noted yesterday.

Indicators are everywhere: Here in the 45th Ward, on the very edge of an edgy city (check out our ward map courtesy of Rahm's redraw!...) things look better by the day.

The early voting turnout -- more than DOUBLE! the February primary -- is another key to how the real polls will show the "real facts" (I couldn't wait to quote David Vitale and Henry Bienen one final time or ten).

The future will require "granular" reporting at that point and beyond as the city flushes out the compost heaps that have cost us tens of millions under Rahm's Reign.
For example, I have Barbara Byrd Bennett resigning her lucrative job effective June 2015 -- because, she will say, she has to bring the school year to a termination. From Cleveland (with Catalyst as her cheerleader) she went on to help destroy the Detroit Public Schools, before being brought here by Rahm (along with her retinue).
Meanwhile, most of the out-of-town rats Byrd Bennett brought on to Rahm's Privatization Board of Education are leaving as fast as they can find other gigs. The question is whether they will be leaving with lucrative Chicago
"teacher" pensions. Hmmm...
Not all of them have clout from the Broad Foundation the those ilks. Most recent: "Chief of Staff" Sherry Ulery (CPS has more than a dozen chiefs of staff, much like the Wehrmacht in 1945. Every Colonel General -- er, "CEO" or "Network Chieftain" needs a retinue of flunkeys and "chief of staff" sounds so important...). Like virtually all of them, Ulery never wasted a day in her life teaching (or being a principal) in Chicago. She was one of the Ohio bureaucrats imported to "reform" all of us... Pictures to be published at this week... But first, Tuesday
is still very important to all of us, and to the future of Democracy in America...  George Schmidt

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