Sunday, April 5, 2015

A MORE Member's Call to Arms: Let's Evaluate the UFT Leadership on a Growth Score

The UFT leadership says teachers should be okay with being evaluated by test scores as the "growth" of our students IS our job. Well providing for the members IS the job of the UFT leadership, so they should not mind being evaluated on that! 

Let's bring a resolution to the DA... All elected UFT leadership, must be evaluated by a growth score! How much did they get for the members? There would be a rubric/formula. And of course there would also be an outside "evaluator" to observe their interaction with the members and whether the members got what they needed. There could be an "analysis" of the number of requests for support and whether the UFT leaders provided the support. ... Lisa, MORE
I love this idea - VAM for the leadership. And let's include the outcome for what New Action has accomplished over the past decade as the loyal opposition.

This was sparked by Unity's Peter Goodman's la-di-da "you win some, you lose some" blog -- hey Peter - show us what was won in the past 15 years.

"Yes, the passage of many of the Cuomo initiatives was frustrating. You win some and lose some. The fight goes on. The more you are involved the more influence you have, the more familiar your face the more impact."

This is exactly the problem with Unity.....they really don't does not really effect them.....they are "above it all"... "That influence" that the UFT has,  certainly "worked" for us!  Then he actually ends with an "Occupy song". 

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