Monday, April 13, 2015

Will teachers abandon Democrats as Paul Krugman Distinguishes Democrats from Republicans, while ignoring education

More of the same---we can't do better...blah blah blah. I'm not voting for Hilary. And if that means Scott Walker is the next president, so be it. It's the price the democrats must pay for screwing us over time and time again. If I'm going to get screwed, it might as well be by a republican. If the republicans win the White House, it will be because the dems pissed off too many people like me who used to support their candidates. It's time to earn my vote back Democratic Party...and you aint gonna do it by telling me the republicans are worse..... Roseanne McCosh, comment on "The Clintons and their AFT/UFT Pals: neo-liberal ..
Dems make war on teachers
Serious words from Roseanne. I wonder if enough teachers feel that way to make a difference. Certainly Cuomo will be dead to future teacher votes, but my guess is that he didn't care about burning those bridges if he doesn't run again -- which I am betting he won't.

And another frustrating column from Krugman today - It Takes a Party - and you know which party he is talking about. I guess he didn't read my piece about Hilary and Bill's capitulation to neo-liberalism and being on the edge of neo-conism.

"How did the parties get this far apart", Krugman asks? "Now, some people won’t want to acknowledge that the choices in the 2016 election are as stark as I’ve asserted."

Well, for people focused on the battle against ed deform and have to deal with the Cuomos and Rahms of this world, there is no stark difference. In fact, the Dems are even worse than the Republicans -- guess who invited MORE's Jia Lee to testify in the Senate? -- and throughout the Republican party we see the states righters joining with the left opponents to NCLB and RTTT with the opt out movement being led from both ends.

Another comment on comment on "The Clintons and their AFT/UFT Pals: neo-liberal e...":
With Dems like Hillary, who needs the Tea Party? 3:33 have you witnessed the devastation corporatist Dems like Hillary have wrought on public education? Obama capitalized on the attack of NCLB with his RttT atrocities. If all the Democrats in Denial vote for Hillary, more nails will be hammered in the coffin of public education in America. 

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James Horn said...

Per Krugman's wondering about how the Parties got so far apart, the question that should be asked is how they did they get so close together. As it was Left and Right that brought testing accountability into existence in the late 60s, ironically, it is now those same constituencies that will bring down what testing accountability has wrought. And it won't be done by electing either corporate Hillary or Corporate Jeb.