Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I Agree With Eva Moskowitz (for a change) - de Blasio shouldn't run the schools - and neither should she

-- no mayor should be in charge of the schools. Eva loved mayoral control when Bloomberg is the mayor. Not so much now - though it has been hard to see what she hasn't gotten. As reported on Chalkbeat:

Success Academy head Eva Moskowitz said that the Panel for Educational Policy's recent decision to delay two co-location votes shows that Mayor Bill de Blasio is undeserving of mayoral control of the city's schools.

Now we know the UFT will continue to back mayoral control even though there is a good shot de Blasio will be a one-termer and - guess who just might be waiting in the wings to activate her strategically placed schools into a political  machine for her bid to become mayor?

So follow this bouncing ball - the UFT supports mayoral control - as it did 13 years ago when Bloomberg got power - and will do so again even if Eva gets to run the schools - which she is sort of doing anyway --

What is the alternative?

I posted some thoughts recently:

School Board Elections vs Mayoral Control? Time to Dig Deeper

With today's 3 year renewal of mayoral control, here are some thoughts.
Now that de Blasio has backed off so much of the resistance to ed deform he promised, there is more willingness to give him this extension. But he is still hated by the deformers. Lots of people are thinking he is a one-term mayor - imagine Eva in charge - deformers would extent that for life.

Some of our allies (our friends in Chicago and some here pushing a "People's Board") have seized upon
MORE at: School Board Elections vs Mayoral Control? Time to Dig Deeper

With this additional comment:
I'm still thinking old dist structure on the whole but with some power to local schools. Old struct was still dictatorial to the schools. I think we need to empower the SLTs with some real power but within the structure of a bigger neighborhood based unit.
I have issues with centralized control and even a school board election keeps that in place. we need to rethink things from the bottom up. I start at the neighborhood schools and work from there. Problems? Hell yes. But why not even try some experiments? Maybe buddy schools to share resources.
Think different.

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