Thursday, May 28, 2015

Long-time ties between NYSED Commish Elia, Gates and AFT - What role does Gates money play in union policy?

Tampa, Fla.—The extraordinary partnership between Hillsborough County Public Schools and its teachers union brought U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and AFT President Randi Weingarten to Rampello Downtown Partnership School in Tampa today for a roundtable discussion on Hillsborough’s groundbreaking efforts to improve teacher quality
Who really runs the AFT?

“Hillsborough’s teachers are leading change, fighting to create better opportunities for all kids, and driving a range of improvements in schools and classrooms,” said Weingarten. “District officials recognize the union as a full partner in school reform. They understand that frontline educators need to be deeply involved in decisions that affect their classrooms and their schools.”...- See more at:
Chalkbeat reported

Elia's selection drew an unusually broad base of support from New York education groups, from teachers unions to charter school advocacy organizations.


.....including words of praise from our fearless union leaders at the national, state and local level - WeinMulGee --

What does it tell you when our unions and the charter school scum line up together? All scum is created equal.

Oh how I remember how much praise at the Seattle AFT 2010 convention featuring Bill Gates for the partnership between the AFT/Gates and Hillsborough - with Arne Duncan along for the ride.

 I have video from AFT10 with Randi and Gates going ape over the wonderful Hillsborough story. Let's see, Perdido has a nice summary of that wonderful story:

The rundown on new NYSED Commissioner MaryEllen Elia so far:

Creating a fear-based workplace where subordinates felt "browbeaten" and bullied.

Accused of trying to cover up district complicity in the death of a 7 year old special needs child.

Was the target of parent protest for lack of district response after a second special needs child died at a Hillsborough school.

Oversaw a school district that has been accused of racial discrimination in its discipline policies and is target of federal complaint.

Oversaw a school busing and choice program that created a "reign of chaos" at McLane Middle School for ten years.

Was dubbed "MaryEllen EVILia" by some parents for pursuing district policies that harmed children with special needs.

Couldn't play nice with the school board and was ultimately whacked in a 4-3 vote in January.

As usual, our union is up to its ears in complicity under the "collaboration" umbrella.

Is it as simple as Bill Gates buying a union?

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