Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rockaway Theatre Company Highlights - by Jim Peithman, VideoInVision

You've got to watch this 3 minute highlight video that Jim Peithman edited. Jim is the pro who does the taping at the RTC - he works for NY1 - I am the amateur. He put together this wonderful mix of highlights from the past 2 years of shows at the RTC. Today is the finale of Lost in Yonkers - I'm going back to tape for the 4th time. Yes, I'm an RTC junkie - but I also get to go the cast party after the show.

And tomorrow morning we take down the set and start building the new one for Guys and Dolls. (Then I'm off to 4 days of working in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden plant sale.)

Oh, and I am in the cast of Guys and Dolls, opening in June, playing a tourist from Texas who is visiting with his wife and gets his pocket picked - I had my pocket picked in Rome 6 years ago so it will be method acting. What I love about being in this show is that we get to work with so many great kids -- pre-teens and teens - all so responsible and reliable -- I think kids working in theater learn so much. And old folks do too.

And that amazing lady singing Everything is coming up roses? An ATR guidance counselor. And that gorgeous gal playing Rose -- a NYC teacher.

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