Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Thursday, Aug. 20 - MORE Chapter Leader Workshop, Part 2

There is no more important work MORE can do than support chapter leaders and tomorrow (Thursday) we are doing part 2.

The Dark Horse, 17 Murray St. NYC, Near City Hall, Chambers St, WTC
Drink specials: $4 drafts, $6 well drinks & $7 wine

Sixty people attended our last event, many new CLs. You can see a video of the presentations Kit Wainer, Yelena Siwinski and me did at Part 1:

And the more MORE does this the more the UFT/Unity Caucus will counter. Don't get me wrong. The union runs 3 weekend training events that I found quite useful. But it often stops there. The place for support would be the monthly district rep meetings. But those are all about pushing their policies and getting the CLs to function as their agents in the schools - as if the CLs were also employees - which they are clearly not.

But seeing that CLs are coming out to these events - we will do a Part 3 in the fall, Unity may up its game - but I doubt they really understand what the real needs of CLs are in the school.

"Successful" District Reps - to the leadership - are those who recruit people into Unity so they adhere to the line and stamp out opposition voices - even getting someone to run for CL against a declared MORE person - which happened this past spring.  (All of a sudden when no one in the school was interested, someone popped up - if these people are pals of the principal, no problem to the Unity leadership - they believe in collaboration ala Vichy, don't they?

If you check the videos you will see we dealt with issues the union, which often focuses on grievances - which we rarely win -  the union doesn't really deal with  how to deal with principals, win over people politically - especially parents whom the principal often uses against the teachers.

Tomorrow we will focus on back to school issues and our own newer CLs, Dan Lupkin and Lauren Cohen, will be sharing some thoughts, along with our newly retired CL - Gloria Brandman - (yea - someone I can have lunch with). We will also take questions, organize into smaller groups based on divisions and or/geographical locations.

So if you are or know a new CL send them on down.

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